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Commercial card tricks which will blow any audience away!

All Backs : Done with a Bicycle Seconds deck. All the cards change to double bakers, except for the chosen card.   Out of This World - Outdone : The ultimate impromptu routine of this classic trick.

Unique Ace Appearances : Want to appear the Aces in a truly unique way – here are two great appearances.

Card to Paper Wallet : A selected, signed card appears in a paper wallet which is folded together in front of the audience.

3, 4, 5 of Spades : Watch as the middle pip of the 3, visually disappears and ends up on the 4, changing it to a 5 of spades, the selected card.

Joker Surprise : 3 Red cards visually change to 3 Jokers.

Fred Outdone : The ultimate version of the “Fred” trick. Entire deck can be shown to be red, except for the freely named blue Fred card.

Blank Card Surprise : A spectator’s signature multiplies and appears on 3 blank cards. A unique visual routine with maximum audience effect.

REVIEWS A brand new dvd by Wolfgang Riebe is always an exciting moment. Wolfgang is a superb all rounder, and the way he handles a deck of cards is beauty to behold! n his brand new dvd, his first teach-in session in 8 years, Wolfgang shares his favourite 8 routines. This is card magic of the highest order and is aimed at the more advanced card worker. Enjoy and learn Wolfgang's twist on FRED and OUT OF THIS WORLD and be amazed and amused with the finest four ace assembly you are ever likely to witness. The appearance of the last ace is a real gem. He includes a lovely personal trick with a ladies signature jumping from card to card titled BLANK CARD SURPRISE and ALL BACKS, CARD TO PAPER WALLET, 3,4,5 OF SPADES AND JOKER SURPRISE complete the set of routines Wolfgang will teach you, and which, believe me, YOU WILL USE. A master craftsman sharing his trade with you is what we have here. The cost of the dvd, which is of superb quality and very well produced, is £25.00 The Budget & The Magic Circular


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