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Kids Party Magic for $9,99. Includes links to 3 online Teach_in videos! Watch & More products available by clicking here.

Kids Party Magic is a practical book of magic for children’s magicians that contains entertaining and many original tricks that you can add to your show right away. Included are themed tricks around Easter & Christmas, as well as insights into the theory of performing for kids. Are you looking for new comedy items and gags to perform with assistants? What about ideas for prizes? How about incredible comedy routines with props that break and fall apart? All of which you can construct easily and inexpensively within an afternoon - from balloons, wands, bells, cards to hankies. The original book was written a few years ago and has been completely revised, edited and updated. Plus you receive a download link for the Easy Magic Tricks book (with full print rights) which your digital printer can print as a prize for the birthday child. If that’s not enough, you also receive the links to 3 Teach-In videos on Children’s magic, including Wolfie’s Kids Magic, Xmas Magic and a Balloon Modelling video that teaches 25 single balloon figures. Many of these original tricks and routines would cost ten times the price of this book from a magic dealer. An incredible value package that will benefit every children’s magician! Includes full access to online e-learning videos Wolfie’s Kids Magic Part 1 & 2 Xmas Magic Balloon Modeling PLUS Your own Easy Magic Tricks book with full print rights 

This is a full PDF colour version of the published book. However you can buy an E-Format version (ISBN 9781370943692), i.e. Kindle, Sony reader, Palm Doc, Plain text, RTF, Epub, etc, please click here.


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