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Compelling Mental Magic Magic for $9,99. 20 Plus perplexing effects for the serious mentalist. Watch & More products available by clicking here.

PRACTICAL, TRIED & TESTED COMPELLING MENTALISM 20 Plus perplexing effects for the serious mentalist. From stage to close-up, this book contains numerous original deceptions, as well as complete routines that focus on entertainment, coupled with mystifying magic appeal, while still maintaining ease of performance and handling. Mind reading and the psychic have fascinated humanity for hundreds of years and in modern times a definite resurgence of mentalism as an art form has occurred. If you are searching for powerful mental magic that is fairly easy to do, on par with the best professional routines out there, plus packs tons of entertainment appeal, then Compelling Mental Magic is for you. These deceptions have not only been developed and refined over 25 years, they have been performed throughout the world to a variety of audiences and cultures - this means that they have all been tried and tested! Whether you are seeking thoughtful extrasensory experiences, or enjoy comedy mind reading routines, from cards, videos, travel, scrabble to golf - you are sure to find valuable material within these pages. 

This is a full PDF colour version of the published book. However you can buy an E-Format version (ISBN 9781370198849), i.e. Kindle, Sony reader, Palm Doc, Plain text, RTF, Epub, etc, please click here.


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